Do you need help understanding your business' financials?

You can have the tools and time you need to know your numbers. You can move past the anxiety of not knowing what you don't know.


Join The Financial Operating System 101 Video Series

Create a financial operating system tailored to your business that leads to more profit! 

With this video series you will learn how to:

Build Your Toolbox

You can become an expert on your own financials.

Know Your Numbers

You can fall in love with your data because you get it.

Create Your System

You can build a system you can trust.

Empower Your Team 

You can increase your team's productivity and knowledge.

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Kevin Holthaus, CEO

“By adding CFO level expertise, taking a larger view, and building better decision making systems, Mackey & her team helped us make more informed decisions that brought about confident action.”

Julie Bauke, Owner

“By truly getting to know me, Mackey and her team were able to guide me through a different approach to my finances that is making my business more successful.”

Aaron Banfield, Owner

“Five years before starting Prosper for Business, we said no, I wished we’d said yes. I’ve never walked away without value. Our service team at MACKEY is incredibly supportive and at the same time has never shied away from challenging us."

Meet Mackey and Sarah

They are small business owners using the system for themselves. Their best case study is their own business. While they were born from the brain of a brilliant CPA (Mackey), their entire business from strategy to operations to finance is led by a non-financially trained COO (Sarah). And she can do this because of these tools and systems.