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Turning a family-owned business over to the next generation is the biggest financial transaction a business owner will ever make in their lifetime - with only one shot at doing it right.

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Helping guide family-business owners through this once-in-a-lifetime event is what The Prosperity Playbook: Planning for a Successful Family Business Succession is all about! A successful succession requires careful thought, detailed planning, and a generous amount of fortitude to complete this process.

Author and leading financial expert Mackey McNeill, not only walks business owners through all of the important and necessary financial decisions, but also prepares owners for the emotional journey they will experience throughout this innovative, step-by-step process. It also helps guide the next generation to their own success.

What they’re saying…

Rob Nixon

Best selling author and Coach to Accounting Firms Globally

“Mackey’s new book is a MUST read for any business owner. She gives decades of solid business advice in an easy-to-read format. It’s a playbook for anyone who wants to increase profits, create new cash flows, grow
generational wealth and execute a successful family business succession.”

Mary Miller

CEO, Owner, Jancoa

“The Prosperity Playbook will be the #1 book that I will refer to other entrepreneurs. Understanding the financial part of your business is like rocket fuel for success. If you don’t understand finance you won’t succeed. It’s that important. Mackey’s systems is the best resource to gain the unfair advantage.”

David Houle


“The Prosperity Playbook is a great book, being published at the perfect time. As we enter the 2020s, the most disruptive decade in history, it is critical to have the best tools and the proper mindset to take advantage of the seismic shifts that are already underway. Mackey McNeill shows you step by step how to prepare your business to prosper in any environment. I highly recommend this book.”

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It all begins with an idea. Maybe you want to grow your business. Maybe you want to be better prepared for what comes next. Or maybe its a complex combination of many variables to overcome, working with the team at MACKEY has helped countless business owners.


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