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Why settle for just profits when you can prosper? Are you tired of the constant anxiety that comes from not knowing enough about your business' financials?  

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Get the Tools You Need to Build a Financial System that Gives You Confidence and Control

Are you tired of not knowing how much you really know about your financial numbers? Do you always feel like there isn't enough time for you to learn how to run your business' financial system, or where to find the information you need even if you had the time? If you're ready for a repeatable process to set and achieve financial goals, tools to dig deeper into your original intentions, visions, and purpose, general financial literacy education for you and all your team members, and templates to create visual dashboards out of reams of data... then the Prosperity Playbook is for you!

Get the training and resources you need to build your own financial system to support your vision, goals, and future.

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The Prosperity Playbook is exactly what you need for amazing financial results. 

This entire program is built around the framework you need to understand your financials. 


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Module # 1  Introduction

In this module, we will cover who we are and why we are the perfect people to help you on your journey to prosperity. We cover our principles and philosophy on finances and how the information we share in the rest of the course can serve you.


Module # 2  Financial Statements 101

If you want to feel confident about your financials, you'll love this module. In this module, we cover the basics of financial statements to help you gain an understanding of your finances.


Module # 3  Five Step Monthly Financial Review

This module is designed to help make sense of your current financial statements. When you master this, you'll become more confident and engaged in the process of your financials. We created it for the non-accounting leader like you!


Module # 4  Cash Confidence

In this module, we discuss cash flow and introduce our transformational management tool, The Cash Headroom Report. We'll teach you the importance of cash flow and cash reserves in your business and how you can establish them.


Module # 5  Grow Your Business

The purpose of this module is to help you grow your business's bottom line. We'll teach you how to identify the best opportunities for growth using our special system. This simple way to think about increasing revenue will open your creativity.


Module # 6  Five Step Annual Planning

In this module, we will teach you our five-step planning system that helps to create a financial plan with flexibility and limitless possibility. Our Cascading Metrics method that we will discuss in this module is a fill-in-the-blank system that takes the guesswork out of planning.


Module # 7 Take Back Your Time

Time is our most finite resource. In this module, we will give you our five-step system for taking back your time. This is a very versatile tool and can be used in all areas of your life as well as with your employees to help increase efficiency.


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We will give you the tools you need to feel confident about whether or not you know your numbers.

Empower Yourself and Your Team

Understanding your financials gives you clarity in decision-making which you can pass on to your team.

Fall in LOVE With Your Numbers

No more anxiety over what you do and don't know. Finances can be fun! 

Build Trust Within Your System

You can manage your finances and plan your future with confidence knowing that your financial system is working.

Templates and Graphs

We give you the templates you need to create visual dashboards out of reams of data.

A 100% Repeatable Process

You'll learn how to use this process over and over again to achieve amazing financial goals.

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We're Mackey and Sarah Grace


We are small business owners using this system for ourselves. Our best case study is this…. While we were born from the brain of a brilliant CPA (Mackey), our entire business from strategy to operations to finance is led by a non-financially trained COO (Sarah Grace). And we can do this because of these tools and systems.

Now imagine this. It’s March 12, 2020. It’s just become blindingly obvious the entire world is about to shut down for an unknown amount of time. It’s 10pm and you’ve still got hours of work to do. You’ve got freaked out clients to connect with, organizational statements to create to rally your team, tech shipments to make to your employees’ homes so they can keep working safely and lots and lots of numbers to crunch to see how long you can survive if everything stops tomorrow. 

You're tired but pretty calm considering that the whole world is about to change. And you know why? Because you have all this data right at your fingertips that makes it easy for you to make confident decisions. You may not know what tomorrow will bring but you’ve got all the information you need in front of you to see the levers you can pull to keep your company, your team, and your clients safe. You can think fast and act swiftly. You know what changes you need to make immediately and where you need to keep a close eye.

That was us this past March. And that could be you too! That’s what the Prosperity Playbook can offer you! It can offer you a system to increase your knowledge of your financials and build enduring confidence in your financial system.

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“Five years before starting Prosper for Business, we said no, I wished we’d said yes. I’ve never walked away without value. Our service team at MACKEY is incredibly supportive and at the same time has never shied away from challenging us."

– Aaron Banfield

Owner, Full Throttle Indoor Karting

“The decision to work with MACKEY was a life-changer. They truly care about our success and give us the tools to do so.”

Jude Hehman

President, Furlong Building Enterprises

“By truly getting to know me, Mackey and her team were able to guide me through a different approach to my finances that is making my business more successful.”

Julie Bauke

Owner, The Bauke Group

Build your own financial system to support your vision, goals, and future

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